Reflections II

Things I did in 2019

Ate restaurant ramen for the first time.

Officiated a wedding / became a Father.

Grew my first bunion.

Joined a new improv team.

Launched my first music video.

Saw my first show on Broadway.

Went to my first Cubs game.

Overpaid to see a Bravolebrity (for the second year in a row).

Purchased The Labyrinth and a piano.

Started wearing bodysuits.

Founded Daddy’s Wine Club and Sunday Sconeday.

Vegetarian poutine

Ate poutine in Montreal and cheese curds in Milwaukee.

Also went to Charleston, Phoenix, Connecticut and New York.

Got “Dead Last Place” at a murder mystery dinner.

Cut my hair off.

Continued to talk about the time I went to Ireland.

Things I learned in 2019

Broadway is a street, not a theater.

How to put on a record.

How to spell diarrhea.

Charles Manson and Marilyn Manson are two different people.

Snails have better sex than I do.

Never park under a train track.

Good cheese curds squeak between your teeth.

The term “rotgut” comes from before bourbon was regulated when people would put cigarette butts and dip juice into bourbon barrels to create a tobacco-y flavor, effectively poisoning the masses.

Champagne houses played a major part in The French Resistance during WWII.

Tinsley Mortimer was in an episode of Gossip Girl.

I look like a Fraggle Rock villain in tiny 90s sunglasses.



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