Aerosmith and Cats

I’ve always wanted to be in a music video. I think it comes from my childhood fascination with MTV Spring Break, and now, perhaps, my current obsession with musicals. Sometimes, when I’m running and need a mental distraction, I picture myself stepping on stage at a karaoke night and blowing everyone out of the water with a haunting rendition of “On My Own.”

But I have a terrible voice, and so this will never happen. I know this because I have tried and everyone in the bar took a cigarette break during my performance of “Memory.”

Before I moved to Chicago, I was inspired to make this lifelong dream come true. “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” came on the radio – fine, not the radio, a curated playlist – and I realized it perfectly summed up the way I felt about my cats. The idea hit me so hard I nearly pulled the car over to begin storyboarding my vision.

I’d like to say it was the hand of God, but a therapist would probably say it was my uncontrolable impulse to self-sabotage.

I brought up my idea for this video at work, casually mentioning to my friends how I planned to make it happen. To my absolute delight, they offered to help me make it. They showed up to the shoot with a green screen, fog machine, real camera equipment, the works. The perks of working in advertising!

Thank you to Joe Stockton for putting this together after all this time! And for watching the actual Armageddon music video an ungodly amount of times to make my dreams come true.

Thank you to Duncan Pop, Chase Stewart and Joe for filming this. And thank you to my fearless bandmate and lead musician, Hank Evans.



4 thoughts on “Aerosmith and Cats

  1. tomspach

    This is brilliant …. and hilarious ! I laughed so hard I shot a booger out of my nose !! I advise a disclaimer warning viewers against drinking milk (or wine) while watching.

    Well done !


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