Things I’ve Done So Far While Sheltering in Place

Traded an almond cake for a copper pipe.

Washed a block of cheese with soap and water.

Set up a barber shop for cats.

Started running again.

Lowered my Hinge minimum age preference to 26.

Learned 30 seconds of my Phantom of the Opera piano book.

Built a laptop for cats.

Tried to bake.

Raised my Hinge age minimum preference back up to 30.

Made a TikTok account.

Dreamed I had a baby at a Macy’s counter.

Took pictures of my molars.

Tried to train the cats how to sit.

Shaved one leg.

Stopped running. Again. For reasons I’m not yet ready to disclose.

I have no idea how to use TikTok, which is why this is an embeded YouTube video.

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