I have arrived in Galway. I did not write every day. I’m working on a post about “things I’ve learned in Ireland,” which is basically a rambling list of things that happened over the past few days. In the meantime, here’s a status update.

I arrived in Galway about an hour ago. I took a bus from Belfast to Dublin, and a bus from Dublin to here. Considering I haven’t yet figured out Chicago’s transit system, it’s a miracle I’m not in Scotland.

The bus dropped me right near my hostel. I’m staying in a hostel. I don’t know what I was thinking staying in a hostel. When I got to my room, I found my roommates sleeping. I unpacked as best and as quietly as I could. But it was dark. And I was wearing a windbreaker. And I had to figure out how to lock up my belongings without swishing and swooshing too much.

I got out as fast as I could as to enjoy what little daylight I have left. I wandered aimlessly for about 30 minutes. Fun fact: there are no street signs here.

I landed at a pub that had space at the bar. As I walked to an open seat, a woman looked me up and down, turned to her husband and said, “American.” I blame the windbreaker. And the sneakers.

I shot the woman a scowl and ordered a pint of Guinness. The bartender promptly spilled it on me. But I’m wearing a windbreaker. So the entire pint ran right off my body and on to the floor. Because I’m fucking American 🤘🏻

Which brings us to present. I’m still at the bar, blogging from my phone and listening to a traditional Irish band. It’s good craic.

1 thought on “Galway

  1. Carol Clark

    I’m sorry you had a negatve experience when you got to Galway:(. I looked on the internet for the places you have been staying. Very nice! But I am amazed you were willing to sleep in a dormitory type of room. I love your stories!


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