Young Love

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m reposting some of my boy-crazy diary entries from elementary school. I shared these a few years ago on my blog and totally forgot about them until recently.

I transcribed them word for word, typos included, but I had to change the boys’ names, as I still know them and would hate to reconnect. My annotations are in italics.

January 5, 1997: Dear Diary, I like lots of boys but my friends make fun of it. (I was 8 years old in 1997)

November 1997: Today was just a day. I did go to bball practis (sigh) my life is usaly O.K. (My first love: b ball.)

“bball practis”

April 1998: I watch a T.V show called Keenan and Kel. Kel is cute!

Oct. 2, 1998: In my earlyer writing I said, “but above all, I like Leonardo Decaprio.” Well now I don’t like him I like Nick Carter off the Backstreet Boys.

December 26, 1998: Youve heard alot about Megan, but most things were complaints. (Sorry, Megan. I love you.) Well Megan and I are best buds. We used to do friendship tests. Most of them said “you and your friend are in troubled waters.” Well, we didn’t pay any attention to it but now I think its right! For Christmas she got me bath beads, witch I love. But she knows how much I love Nick Carter and gave Maddie a lifesize poster of Nick! – signed, Heartbroken.

Honestly Megan how dare you.

I am also now the Godmother of Megan’s daughter.

Just a random letter to Christina Aguilera

Sept, 26, 1999: I like Jack, so what else is new? Andy said that Jack liked me and tryed to call me. He said that Jack didn’t go to the skating party cause i didn’t. it turned out to be a lie. It turned out that Jack asked Megan for her #. It turned out that Megan was overjoyed and my heart was crushed. I called Jack and asked him if he called me. He said no. I have come to this: “When some hearts are lifted, others are dropped” – Joanna Clark. (I quoted myself and signed it.)

Lol. Calling a boy to ask if he called me. Strong choice. Feels on-brand though, tbh.

Feb 2, 2000: I really wanted a boyfriend for the sock hop and valentines day. Sam asked me out. I said no. Then I told Kelly to tell Jake i liked him. She did. Before that, Andy told me that Jake was going to ask out Mallory (ugg). Then Andy said Jake liked someone else. Then Andy called me and said

“Will you go out with Jake?”

“Can i call u back?”

I called Lonna but Kelly was at dance (this makes no logical sense). Lonna told him i said yes, so now i have a sweatheart. Oh yeah? The funny thing is i said “yes” today which just HAPPENS to be groundhogs day AND my dads bday. Pretty cool, huh?

Yes. Very cool.

This has to be The Haircut.

No date, but 5th grade for sure: Dear Diary, I got my hair cut! (See above.) Anyways, i am soooo afraid that Jack likes Chelsea. I luve Jack sooo much. then again, i dont know what luve is so i like Jack sooo encredibly much! he is so hot, sweet. he is PHAT. I wish he would put his arm around me soooo much.


I think we’ll end on PHAT.

3 thoughts on “Young Love

  1. Carol Clark

    FYI, as your mom, I showed great restraint in that I never read your diaries. I had no idea that all these undercurrents were right in front of me. XOXO

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