A Vision in Khaki

Yesterday, my mom said something very interesting while she, my sister and I were in the parking lot at Homerama.

My sister made a comment about how the guy directing the parking was cute. I agreed, and my mom said, “Get out of the car and do a big stretch. I’m sure he’s never seen goddesses before.”

While I was a little more dressed up than usual, by no means did I look even remotely divine. I had been complaining all day about how stupid I looked in my new “adult fit” shorts (my sister told me I was no longer allowed to shop Juniors), and I’m certain that a “big stretch” in my PTA-approved khaki shorts would be incredibly uncomfortable for everyone involved.

I did, however, put a little pep in my step when we approached the parking guy and walked as provocatively as one can in starched and pleated pants. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection we realized that he might still be in his teens, and that he was actually better looking from a distance. I resumed normal behavior immediately.

The big stretch/goddess comment gave me and my sister a good laugh, but it’s nothing we aren’t used to. My mother often makes outlandish comments like this, and while at first I’m usually embarrassed by them, I can’t help but appreciate her enthusiasm.

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